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Bringing the best verion of 'you' into the centre

Working through and filtering the challenges you face can feel lonely. If you are looking for a independent perspective to provide support and challenge to get your thoughts clear and mao out personalised steps to move forward, we can help.

With insight into business, positive psychology and mentoring, the aim of the way we coach is to support you with changes, specific goal achievement, and/or areas of personal/professional/learning development identified and agreed in any sessions. Specific aims and objectives will be agreed between you and your coach and reviewed periodically to ensure that coaching continues to meet your needs. Our coaching aims to be flexible, aligning to your priorities at any particular point in time.

Style of coaching

Our style of coaching is work with you to focus down and then find ways to achieve a goal, or goals that are important to you. Our objective is to support you to think clearly about any issues you raise, but also challenge you to consider different angles, approaches and perspectives that you may not have considered. 

We do not recommended answers or proposed ways forward, but mix coaching with elements of mentoring to explore potential solutions.  In particular, we will focus on the use of positive interventions and strengths to find solutions that feel authentic to you.

By the end of the coaching period, our objective is to have worked with you to shed new light on your thinking - to develop self-awareness, shift mindset, understand strengths and move forward authentically to success in the future.

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