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Independent Customer Feedback

Understanding how your key customers really see you

Understanding how customers value the service you offer, the relationship they have with you and how they perceive you against your competitors is key to building a base for future growth. We know that winning a new client takes more effort than holding on to current ones.

Jeito will support you to achieve all three.

For professional services and B2B businesses, we excel at building trust with high-priority clients to ensure you get a detailed view of their perceptions on: your service; how their own market and needs are evolving; where they may invest in the future and the support they might need, as well as insights on potential future services and solutions that might resonate.

With our client feedback and insight programs, we understand that we are acting as an extension of your brand, and our objective is to leave each individual with an exceptional interview experience that delivers real value to all parties.  Our offering can include:

  • Discussing client operations and business needs

  • Understand market changes and positioning opportunities

  • Spotting new potential propositions and solutions

  • Assessing potential future solutions and services

  • Assessing your performance

  • Reviewing service delivery and engagement

  • Providing feedback on strengths and pain points

With our experienced team that understand the value clients can give, our Independent Customer Feedback offering recognises effective client feedback is critical to increasing client satisfaction, loyalty and opportunities for future growth.

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