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Culture Audits & Organisational Change

How would you define your organisation’s culture? What you do as an organisation is one thing.  And how you are structured is another.


But Culture is the glue that defines “How we do things around here”. 


Our Culture Audit allows you to get under the skin of how your organisation works –  by gathering insight from employees and best practices from elsewhere. You will then get a list of practical steps you can take to evolve your culture and change behaviors to have the biggest impact.


The Cultural Web - our starting point

Using the Cultural Web as a starting point, our Audit includes:

  • Full questionnaire for employees (including Diversity & Inclusion if required)

  • In-depth assessment with management/HR team

  • Additional interviews to bring the insight to life

  • A heat-map of the data you have highlighting specific challenge areas

  • Full set of recommendations, including practical next steps - based on the priorities for your organisation 

Cultural Web.jpg


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