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Cultural due diligence and Post-Merger Integration

When considering investments, understanding culture and management behaviour gives a valuable insight into your target. From minimising talent losses post-acquisition to understanding 'how things are done' in any organisation, cultural due diligence will help you understand the likely impact of a merging of cultures.

Additionally, as regulatory and public scrutiny focuses more on behaviours and Diversity & Inclusion, having an awareness of the landscape for these can influence the success of any company performance

Cultural due diligence

Our due diligence process

  • In-depth assessment with management/HR team

  • Full questionnaire for employees (including Diversity & Inclusion if required)

  • Additional interviews to bring the insight to life

  • A heat-map of the data you have highlighting specific challenge areas

  • Full set of recommendations, including practical next steps - based on the priorities for your organisation 


Post-Merger integration

Merging two entities takes time and effort. Integrating management structures and systems will be a priority, but lack of engagement of staff for the 12-24 months post merger can have a major impact.

A clear plan for people integration allows teams to build a greater mutual understanding and work together more effectively to drive the combined business. 

From planning pre-deal close, our integration planning will consider:

  • Vision, Mission and Values of all parties

  • Cultural Audit - Defining 'How things are done around here' and any key differences

  • Leadership styles and leading change

  • Communications and engagement to bring teams together

  • Key milestones and insight from key talent to track perception and maximise chance of successful integration


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